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Departed - Out Now

Our debut single 'Departed' is out now, available on all streaming platforms


KAVITY was born into the Manchester alternative rock scene with the release of their first single ‘Departed’ which details the agonising, irreversible pain of losing a loved one that has no way of coming back.

The band met in their first year of university in 2021 when lead vocalist/bassist (Scott Ilsley) and rhythm guitarist (Myles Carswell) approached drummer (Hope Buckley) with the proposition of forming a band; later recruiting lead guitarist (Tom Russell) into the Cult of Kavity, sealing their fates.

With a mix of alternative rock and nu-metal, KAVITY focuses on bringing all the best elements of the alt genre together to create a supernova of everything that embodies the scene.

NEW SINGLE: Departed

Our first single Departed is out now


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